A 2D adventure game for all ages

Subterraneus is a point&click video game. A mouse, curiosity and some (twisted) logic are your only weapons to beat this adventure.

Eager to discover the game?

Automatic save system

Don’t lose your progress anymore with an automatic save after each of your actions!

Mouse control

Put away your keyboard, you won’t need it! The whole game is thought and optimized for the mouse.

2 difficulty modes

Are you a seasoned detective like Shernock Folmes? or a story buff like Jhom Wadson? The choice is yours.

The adventure of the depths

Walk through vast caves and narrow galleries inhabited by strange fluorescent crystals and cute luminescent mushrooms.

Gluten and phosphate free

Healthy and well-balanced, the game experience will accommodate any kind of diet and excess. However, that doesn’t make your screen edible!

Humor not included

Lame puns and poor jokes invaded the caves. You’re warned!